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Tools & Sets

Tools for the production of a DVGW approved flange on EUROTIS CSST DN12, DN15, DN20 and DN25.

Further informationen z.B. Technical data and comparison tables - LEIFELD Wiki

If you have a requirement for any number of pipe lengths finished to your specification, look here - Bespoke Production

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  Name Art.Nr. Kategorie
KL02 - EUROTIS Flange-forming tool up to DN25 / 1.1/4" KL02 Tools & Sets
AD01 - EUROTIS Press-Fit Adapter up to DN25 / 1.1/4" AD01 Tools & Sets
RK1215 - EUROTIS Pipe Crimp DN12 - DN15 RK1215 Tools & Sets
RK2025 - EUROTIS Pipe Crimp DN20 - DN25 RK2025 Tools & Sets
RS02 - Tube Cutter 6 - 35 mm RS02 Tools & Sets
RS00 - Spare cutting wheel for Tube Cutter RS02 RS00 Tools & Sets
KK03 - EUROTIS CSST Accessory-Set KK03 Tools & Sets
KK04 - EUROTIS CSST Accessory-Set with EUROTIS Pressfit Adapter KK04 Tools & Sets
SKW121 - EUROTIS CSST Start-Set SKW121 Tools & Sets
SKW131 - EUROTIS CSST Pressfit Adapter Start-Set SKW131 Tools & Sets

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