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LEIFELD Start-Sets
LEIFELD Start-Sets

Your entry into the world of LEIFELD Fastening Technology! Choose either the LEIFELD Start-Set with a Sortimo L-BOXX and 30 m of LEIFELD Strap Part# 1204 or the smaller Part# 1206 with a metal case and 20 m of LEIFELD Strap.

Along with the LEIFELD Bending Pliers you'll find LEIFELD Backing Plates, LEIFELD Sound-Shields(s) and a selection of nut, bolts, washers & screws.


  • cost-effective introductory sets!
  • Sortimo L-BOXX compatible with the Sortimo Vehicle Storage Systems
  • safe & tidy solution for the LEIFELD Bending Pliers and accessories.


info    LEIFELD Strap - Product Usage

info    LEIFELD Strap - Example Applications

info    LEIFELD Backing Plate - Product Usage