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Temperature Resistance

ProductPart#.Temperature range
 CSST  EW, EWG  -40°C to 250°C 
 CSST  EG  -40°C to 100°C 
 Solar CSST  SW  -40°C to 150°C (Isolation short term up to 175°C)
 Gasket Reinz AFM34  ED  -40°C to 200°C (liquids up to 250°C)
 Gasket Klingersil C4324  KS  -40°C bis 200°C (liquids up to 250°C)
 Gasket EPDM TIMO70  EPDM  -15°C to 100°C 
 Gasket graphite  GR  -50°C to 250°C 
 O-Ring FKM „VITON“ (green)  VNC, VNR, ENR, EIAR  -15°C to 200°C 
 O-Ring EPDM HT (black)  VNC, VNR, ENR, EIAR  -15°C to 175°C 

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