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The LEIFELD UniBlock was developed to provide a torsion-proof and easy method of securing double wall-elbows (also accepts single wall-elbows) at the standard sanitary centers (80, 100, 120, 153 and 160 mm) in drywall constructions.

For a futher cost-effective marine-ply solution suitable for single wall-elbows only, look here - LEIFELD Mounting Blocks

And, on this page, two further products (mild steel) for mounting wall-elbows in pairs - LEIFELD Mounts

  • damp-resistant marine-ply
  • easily replace wall-elbows and fittings even years later!
  • fittings are torsion-proof and secure - permanently!
  • accepts wall-elbows with 40 mm centers from most manufacturers
  • pre-drilled to secure a waste pipe using a threaded stud with a pipe-clamp
  • may also be mounted onto the LEIFELD Strap using the pre-drilled holes


UniBlock Template

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