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The core of our system - the LEIFELD Strap - enables you to create a wide variety of brackets and supports (mounts) using one main component. Combine with our range of useful accessories to complete the system. The LEIFELD Strap is 2000 mm long as standard, many other lengths including 1600 mm, 1200 mm and 1000 mm available on request.

We may even already have a suitable bracket for your application, look here for our available products - LEIFELD Mounts

By the way, if you need a larger production run of bespoke brackets or supports, read this page - Bespoke Production

  • Replaces many different fastening systems in one go!
  • sendzimier galvanized as standard
  • also available in V4A stainless steel
  • suitable for all wall-elbows with 40mm centers
  • suitable for all of the standard sanitary fitting dimensions
  • quickly and precisely formed (Assuming the LEIFELD Bending Pliers are used)
  • install most popular pipe systems without the need for expensive extra fittings
  • combine with the LEIFELD C-Profile
  • sound insulation with LEIFELD Sound-Shield and the LEIFELD Sound-Cap

Order - LEIFELD Strap    Order - LEIFELD Strap

Usage - LEIFELD Strap    Usage - LEIFELD Strap

Example Applications - LEIFELD Strap    Example Applications - LEIFELD Strap

Film – Producing a wall bracket    Film - Producing a wall bracket

Technical Data Sheet - download    Technical Data Sheet - download

LEIFELD Bending Pliers
LEIFELD Bending Pliers

With the LEIFELD Bending Pliers you'll have the situation under control. The versatile LEIFELD Strap just got better! Producing exact angles in the LEIFELD Strap is childs-play, even the production of more complicated brackets or supports can be quickly mastered.


  • use „freehand“ or secured in a vice
  • lightweight & handy
  • quick and exact

Order - LEIFELD Bending Pliers    Order - LEIFELD Bending Pliers

LEIFELD Backing Plates
LEIFELD Backing Plates

The LEIFELD Backing Plates allow a multitude of accessories to be accurately and securely fitted to the LEIFELD Strap.

info Now available in 2 different versions:
    - Part# 1280 for self-tapping screws 4,2 mm
    - Part# 1279 for M5 screws

  • mount accessories torsion-proof and centrally onto the LEIFELD Strap
  • for all accessories with 40 mm centres