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RKxx - EUROTIS Pipe Crimp DN32 - DN50

EUROTIS Pipe Crimp DN32 - DN50
for the production of a DVGW approved flange on
mit EUROTIS CSST DN32, DN40 and DN50
order Part.# AD03 as required
IMPORTANT Only suitable for use with EUROTIS CSST!
Pack Qty. = 1 Pce.


Usage - Produce a flat-sealing flange    Usage - Produce a flat-sealing flange

Film - Produce a flat-sealing flange    Film - Produce a flat-sealing flange

Example Applications – EUROTIS CSST    Example Applications - EUROTIS CSST

  Name Part#
RK32 - EUROTIS Pipe Crimp DN32 RK32
Pce. +
RK40 - EUROTIS Pipe Crimp DN40 RK40
Pce. +
RK50 - EUROTIS Pipe Crimp DN50 RK50
Pce. +