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LEIFELD Double Nipple V4ENxx

LEIFELD Double Nipple V4ENxx

extra large sealing surface, V4 stainless steel

from EUROTIS CSST (flat-sealing flange)
onto external pipe thread

For DN12, DN15, DN20, DN25

Available as:

  • V4EN12 for DN12 / 1/2"
  • V4EN15 for DN15 / 3/4"
  • V4EN20 for DN20 / 1"
  • V4EN25 for DN25 / 1.1/4"

Certified for solar und heating applications


Order LEIFELD Double Nipple V4ENxx    Order - LEIFELD Double Nipple V4ENxx

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Usage - Produce a flat-sealing flange    Usage - Produce a flat-sealing flange

Film - Produce a flat-sealing flange    Film - Produce a flat-sealing flange

Example Applications – EUROTIS CSST    Example Applications - EUROTIS CSST

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