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EUROTIS CSST Tool Case KK04 (incl. Pressfit Adapter)

EUROTIS CSST Tool Case KK04 (incl. Pressfit Adapter)

For the production of a DVGW approved flange on EUROTIS CSST DN12, DN15, DN20 and DN25.
Also included are:
The EUROTIS Press-Fit Adapter which fits all standard (not mini) Press-Fit tools from all leading manufacturers.
5m each DVGW certified CSST AISI 316L in DN12. DN15, DN20 and DN25 along with 10 each of the required union nuts and gaskets.
24 piece Reducing Nippel Set.


  • 1 x EUROTIS Tool Case
    • 1 x Flange-forming tool Part#. KL02
    • 1 x Pipe Crimp for DN12-DN15 CSST Part#. RK1215
    • 1 x Pipe Crimp for DN20-DN25 CSST Part#. RK2025
    • 1 x Tube Cutter Part#. RS02
  • 1 x EUROTIS Pressfit Adapter Part#. AD01

IMPORTANT Only suitable for use with EUROTIS CSST!


Order CSST Tool Case KK04    Order - CSST Tool Case KK04

Usage - Produce a flat-sealing flange    Usage - Produce a flat-sealing flange

Film - Produce a flat-sealing flange    Film - Produce a flat-sealing flange

Example Applications – EUROTIS CSST    Example Applications - EUROTIS CSST


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