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CSST and Accessories

EUROTIS CSST Pipe with a flat sealing flange is an ideal solution for heating and sanitary installations as well as industrial applications, i.e. on exchange boilers or storage tanks or connections between heaters and their storage tanks.

Further informationen z.B. Technical data and comparison tables - EUROTIS Wiki

If you have a requirement for any number of pipe lengths finished to your specification, look here - Bespoke Production

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Double Nipple, Stainless Steel V4ENxx Fittings
Transition Piece EIAxx Fittings
Reducing Double Nipple RDNxx Fittings
Reduction Piece I RSTxx Fittings
Reduction Piece II RSTxx Fittings
Reduction Piece, Stainless Steel V4RSTxx Fittings
Pipe Connector ERVxx Fittings
Pipe Connector RERVxxxx Fittings
Transition Piece ARUxx Fittings
Reducing Double Nipple ARDNxx Fittings
T-Piece ETxxxx Fittings
EUROTIS Gasket AFM EDxx Gaskets