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Eurotis CSST Piping Eurotis CSST Piping

EUROTIS CSST Pipe with a flat sealing flange is an ideal solution for heating and sanitary installations as well as industrial applications, i.e. on exchange boilers or storage tanks or connections between heaters and their storage tanks.

Further informationen z.B. Technical data and comparison tables - LEIFELD Wiki

If you have a requirement for any number of pipe lengths finished to your specification, look here - Bespoke Production

Low overall cost
  • quick and easy installation
  • fewer fittings needed
  • fewer repairs needed
Time saving
  • save around 66% of the time needed for a traditional installation
  • fewer connections to be made
  • spend less time checking fittings for leaks
  • bend tube into position by hand
  • install up to 50 m without needing connections
Easy Connections
  • use the same tools for all pipe types and dimensions up to DN25
  • practical pressfit adapter (Part.# AD01) available for flanging dimensions up to DN25
  • easy O-Ring connections up to DN50
  • connections created in minutes (Locking rings are not required!)
  • large selection of connectors available


Usage - Produce a flat-sealing flange    Usage - Produce a flat-sealing flange

Usage - Produce an O-Ring connection    Usage - Produce an O-Ring connection

Film - Produce a flat-sealing flange    Film - Produce a flat-sealing flange

Film - Produce an O-Ring connection    Film - Produce an O-Ring connection

Example Applications - EUROTIS CSST    Example Applications - EUROTIS CSST

Technical Data Sheet - download    Technical Data Sheet - download

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