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Austenitic CSST, Material No. 1.4301 to EN 10028-7. AISI 304.

Solar twin CSST with sensor cable for quick and easy connections between collectors and heat exchanger. Available as DN 15 and DN 20 in rolls of 25 meters. Connections are achieved with either a flat-sealing flange or o-ring connectors.

Further informationen z.B. Technical data and comparison tables - LEIFELD Wiki

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SW481525 - EUROTIS Solar CSST Thinpower DN15 x 25 m SW481525 Solar
OS1 - EUROTIS Ovals Clamp S (DN15) OS1 Solar
SW482025 - EUROTIS Solar CSST Thinpower DN20 x 25 m SW482025 Solar
OS2 - EUROTIS Oval Clamp M (DN20) OS2 Solar