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Austenitic CSST, Material No. 1.4301 to EN 10028-7. AISI 304. Use gaskets EDxx or GRxx.

Solar twin CSST with sensor cable for quick and easy connections between collectors and heat exchanger. Available as DN 15 and DN 20 in rolls of 25 meters.
Connections are achieved with either a flat-sealing flange or o-ring connectors.

Easy fitting thanks to optimised insulation (only 8 mm thick)made from flexible expanded polyurethane with better insulation values (λ = 0,030 W/m K) than 13 mm EPDM or NBR insulation.

Solar Doppelrohr mit Fühlerkabel

Available as:

  • SW481525 - DN15, 25m long
  • SW482025 - DN20, 50m long

Certified for solar und heating applications


Union Nuts

Determination of the necessary screw connections and seals

The DN specification of the CSST is used for determining the accessory parts.
Example: pipe size DN15 (nominal diameter 1/2") =

SW4815xx CSST
EV15 Union Nut (3/4" thread*)
ED15, EPDM15 or GR15 gasket

*See Technical Data


Order EUROTIS CSST SW48xxxx    Order - EUROTIS CSST SW48xxxx

Technical-Data CSST    Technical-Data CSST - view

Temperature Resistance    Temperature Resistance - view

Usage - Produce a flat-sealing flange    Usage - Produce a flat-sealing flange

Film - Produce a flat-sealing flange    Film - Produce a flat-sealing flange

Example Applications – EUROTIS CSST    Example Applications - EUROTIS CSST

Usage - Produce an O-Ring connection    Usage - Produce an O-Ring connection

Film - Produce an O-Ring connection    Film - Produce an O-Ring connection

Download Technical Datasheet    Technical Datasheet - download


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